♥The Moon & Stars ♥

The moon and  stars are one of my most favorite things in this world. They’re so bright and beautiful, especially when there’s a lot of them. When I see them I feel full of life, and I get relaxed. My favorite kind of moon is a Full Moon.

One day I want to live where you can see the moon and stars perfectly. So that I could lay on a blanket on a hill and stare up at them. Maybe have someone lay next to me and hold me tight, maybe kiss me under the stars. 🙂

I believe that the Moon and stars are a romantic symbol not only a dream symbol. Especially when two people so in love with each other are far away from each other. When that happens they can both stare up at the moon while talking on the phone and realize that even though they’re far away from each other, they’re still under the same sky.

Even if one person can already see the moon, the other person should try as hard as they can to find it, no matter what. If it means going outside, go outside. If it means going in a different room, do that. Sure it might not be the same side of the moon, but it’s still the same moon.

I’ve always loved the Moon and stars. I could stare at them forever. I hope that one day my true love will kiss me on a hilltop under the stars. For some reason I believe that the Moon and Stars can bring two people a long, happy, and loving relationship. The Moon and Stars will always be a romantic symbol too in my eyes.

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