Las Vegas

Sorry guys, I haven’t been on here in a very long time. I’ve been very busy with my vacation and stuff that I haven’t had time. I guess I’ll try to write something new every week. Like explain what I did in that week etc.

So let me give you some information.  I’m in Las Vegas right now, California was fun. I bought some interesting things. I’m keeping a long travel blog on my laptop which i prefer not to rewrite on here. So I’m just going to put that blog up when I go back to Indiana. It’s going to include my plane ride from Chicago to Las Vegas from Las Vegas to Orange County. Then it’ll include my travel from Las Vegas to Chicago.

Well I got here on Saturday and boy was that a long drive. I felt sick after finally getting there. We went through different places with different temperatures. I finally got there and it seemed really dull at the time. Everyone was sitting and talking n i just wanted to go upstairs and rest. Call Dylan and sleep 😛 but no I couldn’t do that. After a while I think I unpacked and did stay upstairs.

Then next day after that my dad took me to the library and then everyone went to see The Proposal. It was a predictable movie, but it was still really good and really funny. Ever since my arrival in Las Vegas i was having a rough time. I wanted to go home earlier then i was suppose to but i didn’t know how to talk to my dad about it and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings cuz I love my dad.

So from the depressing time, it all caused me to cry exactly every single night since I got to Vegas. On Sunday I think my dad and I went to the Swap meat…got nothing really XD Then we went back home and did something i don’t remember. I think we played Skip-Bo. On Monday I think it was a pretty chill day, don’t remember much on that day either. Got my pillow fabric, etc.

On Tuesday we went to Broadway Pizza for the last dinner with my step mom’s parents. They came to visit and went home on Wednesday.  Which on Wednesday I watched DVDs, played card games. Then Thursday I started my pillow, its no where to being finished. I went over to my friend’s house and spent two nights over there.

The first night we watched a movie and went swimming at night. It’s like a tradition for us. I talked on the phone and went on the computer, it was fun. Then we fell asleep while watching many episodes of Invader Zim. I swear I heard all the episodes in my dream XD. On Friday we watched Friday the 13th then went to a park to play volleyball. My body was in so much pain and still is. I had this mega huge headache which seems to be gone now.

Then today, Saturday, my friend and I went to her volleyball tournament. Even thought they lost, they still played really well and it was a close game. After that I was dropped off at my dad’s house. Where we played May I, then my dad took me to the library where I got two large bag fulls of books and DVDs. Then we went shopping around in cell phone stores then went to my grandma’s house to find out she’s not there.

Which all brings us to now when I should be eating Dinner. So I’ll try to write back soon. Sorry that I haven’t written in a while. Ttyl.

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