Another Virus

Well it’s not really another virus, it’s the same virus. And i highly doubt it ever left my computer. My laptop is having a One Care scanning day. Hopefully it fixes things so that I can at least open up documents and write by hand what the documents say. There’s like 5 documents that I really care about.

The pictures are another thing that I might have to lose. 😦 I have a whole album with pictures of me and Dylan and only like 7 of those might be saved because my mom put some on her laptop. So those might be saved, but idk about the other ones. Plus the pictures from the last day of school with all my friends. That’s a bummer.

I hate viruses. I don’t understand why people make those, can’t they just leave us alone. I don’t think I got this virus from anywhere particular. My mom thinks I got it from this game I downloaded recently, but I really don’t know. =/ It just showed up randomly when I was viewing websites that I usually always go on.

I really want to watch some anime right now on Crunchyroll, but last night I was on that website and that’s when it came on, but I know the virus didn’t come from there, because I’ve been going on crunchyroll for the past like 2 years and it’s never given me a problem.

Hopefully my step dad can get rid of this virus and I’ll be able to re-write those documents, then everything would be fine. I can just take more pictures with Dylan. 🙂

Viruses are EVIL!

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