Trusting 100%

People have to put 100% into trusting someone, otherwise it might cause the event you don’t want to happen. Though it’s hard to trust in some situations. When you get hurt by love once already, it’s hard to trust again.

Promises get broken, feelings change, and people move apart. It’s hard to trust promises made after so many promises get broken. In a relationship people make promises, but wouldn’t it be better not to make promises? People shouldn’t make promises unless they know for sure they can keep them. Broken promises ruin feelings.

It’s easier to trust someone, once you know everything about them, what kind of person they are, and when they don’t break promises. Girl’s get jealous when it comes to other girls being around their boyfriend. It’s not that they don’t trust their boyfriends, it’s that they don’t trust the other girls at all. Most girls always hold back, because of the fact that old lovers made promises that they broke. These broken promises damage the girl’s heart, making it hard to trust again; even though they do want to trust again. There will always be something standing in the way, a fright pulling them back.

What does it feel like to trust 100% Is it when you trust the person with all your feelings, trust them not to cheat on you, trust them not to hurt you? Trusting 100% is to trust the person with your heart, hoping that they won’t ever break it. But my question is, how will I know that I trust him 100%? Am I suppose to automatically know? And is it possible to trust to much? I wish someone could help me answer these questions.

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