Summer Jolt

School’s almost out for summer. I’m so excited. I want summer to come, but yet again I don’t want summer to come.

I’m so sick of homework. It takes a lot out of me, it’s basically all I ever do. Get good grades, do my homework. Don’t I deserve more of a life? I need to relax and get more sleep. Surprising though that I’m going to be a Junior next year O.o Gulp! Final projects are due, finals are coming up. I just want to get them over with, get school over with for three months. I want to hang out with my friends more, hang out with Dylan more.

Then, I don’t want summer to come. I’m going to become bored on the days I can’t hang out with anyone. Right away, on the 13th, I’m going to California and then Las Vegas and I wont be back till July 18th. I’m going to be bored, yay read and watch DVDs like I usually do, hang out with my best friend; and only friend down there; one time. I hang out with my dad, the highlight. Talk on the phone. Hope that the days go by quick.

When I’m in California, I’m staying with my aunt. I’m going to go shopping, swimming, and hang out with my friend Daniel. Relax and read, mainly relax. I love it in California, I love the weather, I love how quiet it is. I feel so relaxed when I go there, like I don’t have a care in the world.

Then on the 19th of June, my aunt and uncle are driving me down to Las Vegas to be with my dad. I’m going to basically be there for a month. =/ I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my dad, but I’m going to miss my friends and boyfriend. I get sick when I’m over there, mainly because of the heat. My stomach problems happen more when I’m there. My room is plain too. Most likely I might get a summer job where my grandma lives. Work in the diner. Serve the people food. lol.

Most of all, I’m terrified. I’m scared of coming back and finding myself alone. I’m scared of being heartbroken like I was last summer. I want to trust Dylan, but it’s hard for me that is until summer. After summer, I’ll know for sure he’s not going to hurt me and most likely, I’ll open up to him, love him more then I do now. I want to be happy with him. I want to trust him. I’m just scared that something might happen while I’m gone, or that his feelings for me might disappear…

Summer brings so much worry for me. It goes by quick sometimes and then at other times it goes by slow. Then it’s back to school. Homework, friends, being stressed, laughing, having fun, loving. I just want a break, a long one. So yes, I want summer to come, yet I’m scared. I hope everything goes ok.


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