There are multiple kinds of flowers in the world, but my favorite is roses. They can make you happy and in love, but at the same time give you pain from their thorns. That’s why I think they’re a symbol of love.

Someone told me once, that if you have a million roses at your wedding that your love will be true forever. I’ve always wondered if this statement was true. That’s why I want my wedding to be a Rose Wedding. Other times, I doubt the statement is true. Basically because roses always die, and so does love. I think this because I’ve seen so many relationships that seem like they’re going to last forever, just end.

Have you ever heard of the quote “He gave her 12 roses, 11 real ones and 1 fake one; and he said ‘I’ll love you till the last one dies’.”

I think it would be wonderful if someone’s love truly never ended. Even a fake one can die by being burned or lost.


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