Privacy People! Give Us Some Space! ;)

Trust is a very important thing in this world or ours. You either trust someone or you don’t. Sometimes you get a strange feeling in your gut about someone and you should trust that feeling. It’s always best to trust your own feelings and of course yourself. Sometimes you can trust your family other times it’s hard to.

Privacy is another thing that is important in our world. Without it we’ll probably be angry every day or something. Everybody deserves to have privacy. People need to be able to keep things to themselves, they need to be alone without suspicion. Spying is sometimes a bad thing when it’s spying into someone’s personal business. When people want to be alone, leave them alone.

Trust and privacy are sometimes combined. You trust someone not to do something and you give them their privacy. Like for example, letting your child go somewhere and trusting them not to do anything bad. Plus if something bad does happen, you hope that they will call you and ask for you to come pick them up from where they are. Other times, parents don’t trust their kids and wants someone else to go with them to watch their every move and report back. That’s when spying comes into place.

Maybe your child did something to make you not trust them, but by doing that is over the top. Another example is when your kid is going to go see their boyfriend or girlfriend and you send along another family member to watch their ever move. This shows that they don’t trust their kid, but it makes the other family think that you don’t trust them too and it shows your not to nice side.

People hide themselves from others, just for them to like them, but sometimes that’s not the best thing to do, because once your caught they wont trust you and they wont like you anymore. Trust intervenes in multiple things of life. Too many to explain, that’s for sure. Without trust our world will fall apart, without privacy everyone would turn against each other and lose their trust.

To every action their is a consequences. It’s like the saying for every action there is a reaction 😛 Oh look guys, I learned something in school! XD

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