The Past ~Back to Haunt You?~

Are you ever afraid something from your past is going to come back to haunt you? When all you want is to forget about it and hope it never comes back, but the thing is you can never run from your past. It will always be there to haunt you. No matter how close you are to forgetting, it comes back. Then there’s the thought of someone else, someone new to you, finding out about it.

Questions come to your mind, ones like: Will they understand? Will they think differently of me? Will the forget about it? Will they think you’ll do it again? Will they leave you?

Some things are meant to be kept in the past and if you aren’t sure you should tell someone about it, wait till you know that you trust them. Trust enough to know that they wont leave and that they wont change their mind about you. It’s not like your lying to them, it’s simply to protect them and yourself.

Mistakes happen that you can’t always fix. Sure it was probably a stupid thing to do, but it was done in the past and just because it happened in the past, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll happen again and it doesn’t mean that it has happen recently. So people shouldn’t judge you by something that happened in the past and they should trust you to not do it again.

Though sometimes people break that trust, but when it’s something that doesn’t fit into someones character they most likely wont ever do it again. Or if it was a life learned lesson, like cheating for example, if it was the person’s first relationship and something accidentally happened and they felt guilty for it, they shouldn’t be judged about whether or not it will happen again or others should trust that they wont make the same mistake twice.

So I have no clue if that last paragraph made any sense to any of you XD lol. Sorry about that. In other words, all I’m trying to get through to people is that things happen in the past that people can’t change and just because they did it once doesn’t mean they’ll do it again. So you should trust what people say and don’t think differently of them. Because seriously people, everyone makes mistakes that they wish they could take back.

Now some quotes!!!

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