Blow-out! Stress and Usage

Have you ever felt used by friends? Like your always there for them but when you need someone they’re not there for you. Have you ever felt like everyone expects the best from you? Have you ever been so stressed out about life and school that you just don’t know what to do anymore and you just want to cry?

This is all how I feel. Right now at this exact moment. I feel like some of my friends in some way use me. I’m not going to state names. But I will explain my feelings. It’s not like they read my blog and it’s not like they’ll take time out of  their “busy schedule” to read it.

Yes, I feel like my friends use me. For example, I’m always there to listen to their problems or stories and I try to help as best as I can, but yet when I have something to tell them or I need to talk about something they totally ignore me and go off doing their own thing. Some of my friends act like they’re the only thing that matters, and that’s one thing in a person that I just don’t like at all. It’s like hello, your not the most important person in the world, your not the only one with problems.

Now I get good grades, because I work hard for them. I’m usually an A/B Honor roll, but I got a C in Spanish. Which is fine, I’ll just work harder for that class. Though have you ever felt like you get overworked and just breakdown? I feel like all my teachers expect the best from me. One of my teachers seemed disappointed that I got a B…I was like are you serious? As long as I get good grades and graduate High school I’m fine with the grades I get.

They added this new thing in our school a while ago called Lunch labs. The thing is when kids don’t do their homework they get one of these things and they have to complete the missing assignment by the end of the day and turn it in or else they get a zero. If you don’t show up for a lunch lab they count you as absent for the whole day even though you were there. I’m so scared of getting one of these. Before I always did my homework, but now that they have these things I’m scared of not finishing homework. I get claustrophobic sometimes and a lot of kids in our school gets lunch lab. Well thanks to these wonderful lunch labs I’ve been even more stressed out by homework.

Homework has become my life basically. There’s a reason why I feel so relaxed when I go to Las Vegas and it’s because I’m not so busy and I don’t have to worry about homework. I barely have time to do anything anymore because of it. Then when some students don’t do their homework some teachers yell at the class, not just that one person or group of people, but the whole class. Like the people who turn in their homework deserve to be yelled at. Homework isn’t that bad sometimes, but it is when I don’t understand it and it takes me a long time to do. People wonder why I don’t do clubs and stuff like that? Um hello, I want to have a life outside of school.

Then there’s the fact that everyone always asks me for things. Sometimes they ask me to do things for them, but really what have they ever done to me or what have they done for me recently. Sometimes I don’t mind helping friends out with homework, but when I have my own stuff to do it gets annoying. Especially when more then one people ask me for help at the same time. It’s very hard for me to multitask people! This to me is known as people expect things from me. Like sometimes I’ll be doing something and one of my friends will be doing something else and while they’re doing that they ask me to do something without even considering that I might be doing something of my own.

I feel like no one cares. I feel like they all think that since I’m a nice person I wont ever say no. People need to stop treating me like I’m only there to help them with something. I’m getting sick of it. With that and trying to keep my grades up it’s stressing me out to the point where I just want to throw and break things. I just want to cry because of all the stress and it doesn’t help that I’ve had a non-stop headache all week.

People need to start thinking about other people’s feelings and not just their own.

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  1. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I will definitely be subscribing to your posts.

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