Secrets are meant to be kept to oneself correct? But what if its better to tell someone instead of lying and keeping it to yourself. You wonder if you should tell someone something and how they would take it if you did tell them. Secrets sometimes wear a person out to the point where they have to tell someone.

This is where it becomes bad. When someone tells you a huge secret and it could possible hurt them, you don’t know whether or not to tell someone else for your friend’s safety. Or what if someone tells you something about one of your friends, you would tell them because they are your friend, right?

You’ll always have secrets of your own. Secrets that are up to you to tell others or not. People don’t always want to tell others their secret, but sometimes it just comes out and you can’t help it. Sometimes it’s not good to tell someone your secret because they could blab it to anyone and your trust with that person could go right down the drain. To tell someone a secret is like giving your life away, yet it only feels like that if it’s a huge secret. If you don’t mind others knowing then it’s not really a secret, but something about you that you don’t want others to know is a big secret.

Something that people could use against you, something that could bring up your past, something that can ruin your future if anyone found out. Anything that relates to those is a big secret that should be kept by yourself and only people that you have known for years and won’t tell everyone about it. Then again that person could have changed over the years and be a big blab.

Rumors can come from secrets too. If a little bit of your secret gets leaked out people around that heard could start something that they believe is what you were talking about. So it’s very important to make your no one hears you when your telling someone a secret. Rumors can be a very ugly thing. Trust me, I’ve been in a rumor once and it hurt a lot. Thankfully it’s all over now.

Another thing to talk about is past secrets. Something big that you’ve done in the past that’s a secret not meant to be told to anyone. Yet you tell people because to you it’s not a big thing, but maybe it is to another person. Or maybe something that has happened to you in the past that you don’t know who to tell, but you feel like you have to tell someone. Like the movie Speak, the girl got raped and didn’t know who to tell so she kept her rape a secret. Speak is one of my favorite movies by the way, but that’s not what were talking about right now!

When you have a secret that you have to tell, that it’s so big you can’t hold it in anymore, tell someone close. If you have somebodies big secret, think about if it could hurt them or if it’s not that big. If it could harm them big time it might be best to tell someone else that’s close to them. Otherwise, if the secrets none of your business just let it be and ignore the secret. It doesn’t involve you. Secrets are meant to be kept by the people they happen to or are told to. That’s why they’re called secrets 😉

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