A Little Delayed

Sorry I haven’t written anything since Saturday night. I was going to tell everyone about Sunday right? Well Sunday we went to the movies, which was funny. We went and saw I Love You, Man. It was a pretty good movie, near the end my date started poking me and I poked him back. Then we kissed. I’m not going to reveal names to you because I just don’t feel right about it without their permission. Well while waiting for my parents we pointed out couples with little kids and guessed whether or not they were going to see Monsters vs. Aliens or The Hannah Montana Movie. We guessed them all right lol.

After we left the movies we went to Inmans, which is an arcade for those whose never heard of it. I had fun there too, but it sucked because half the games were out of order and some ate our coins. We laughed at how the guy behind the food counter looked depressed and how he probably hated his job. I had some french fries and a cherry ice-e while my date had mozzarella sticks. After we ate we played more games and after a while our nerves went completely away.

I was so surprised because I was able to act like myself around him, like I was barely shy and nervous. Then he was also surprised because he thought that throughout the whole date he was going to be nervous and shy, but about halfway through it he was fine. We spent about 3 hours at Inmans and then we drove him home. I didn’t want the day to end yet.

After we dropped him off and I got home I went on my laptop and I had an offline message from him. He asked me if this meant we were dating now and I replied telling him that I didn’t know because I was going to ask him the same thing. He said that he thinks it does so I agreed and now we’re dating.

I’ve been through a lot lately. Homework, problems with friends, etc. I hope they all get solved quickly. Yesterday kind of helped. My one friend and I are ok for now and I hope it lasts for a long time. Homework is still stressing me out along with my weight. I know I’m not fat, like huge. but I still want my stomach to be flat. I’ve lost weight which is good and I’m happy about that.

I hope the weekend comes quickly because I get to see my boyfriend again 🙂 I’m so tired right now and I just want to go to sleep but I have to do homework and I have to study. Then I might be able to sleep, but not for a while. I hope I’ll have time to write more today, but I’m not quite sure yet.

After school today, I came home and got ready for the gym. Abigail wasn’t feeling good. She was limping and every move she made she’d cry out. While my brother and I went to the gym, my parents took her to the vet. She’ll be alright, she’s resting right now and stuff. It turns out that she got into a cat fight and a cat bit her really hard in the paw.

Well I just ate dinner, and I need to get started on that homework, so I’ll try to write more later, but I haven’t figured out about what yet. Hope you guys enjoyed my post. Ttyl!!! 😀

(Sorry no Picture this time)

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