Yard Sales

I’m a yard sale person. I love them a whole lot. You can always go to one not knowing what they’ll have and wonder what will come to your interest. Some people think they’re a waste of money, but I would have to disagree with them. I’ve found many useful things in yard sales that I for one must say they weren’t a waste of money! >=[

When I was a little girl we’d always have yard sales. I would make nice cold lemonade for everyone that wanted some, but they would have to pay me like 25 cents…I think XD My neighborhood friends would all come and help me sale my old toys that I wanted money for. We’d have so much fun! I had this one friend that bought so many of my old toys. Her house was filled with them. I still remember that girl 😛 She was a tough little girl.

Now that I’m 16 I still love going to yard sales. Though I haven’t been to one in about a year. In my neighborhood they have a summer yard sale, which I seem to always miss! It makes me so sad because I want to go around and see all the stuff my neighbors have. Last year the office lady moved it to sometime in July and people complained about it! So this year she’s moving it back in June. Well guess what people, I’m going to miss it AGAIN!

This year the yard sales are going to be on June 26, 27 & 28th. Which I’ll be gone in Las Vegas to visit my dad. I thought I would be able to come home before it and then I’d be able to look around when the yard sale came, but no. I’m just not special enough… 😛 lmao

Well I don’t know how to end this post today. I just hope I’m not the only one that likes yard sales on this website 😛

Come back again! 😀

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