Relationships ~Part 2~

You know how there’s obstacles in relationships and you always try to avoid them, but they happen anyway? Well when a relationship hasn’t even started yet and something goes wrong, is that a bad sign? Something telling you to go back and pick a different way, yet you don’t want to because you don’t know when you’ll get that wonderful feeling again.

Say there’s two door in front of you and you have to choose one of them. Behind those doors are two different life paths that you have to decide for yourself. You don’t know whats behind either of those doors and how you decide is up to you. Usually you get a feeling in yourself that makes you decide which door, other times your on your on.

What if you make a mistake and pick the wrong door, and everything is alright until you reach a conflict that makes you want to go back and switch doors, but that’s not allowed. Once your life path is picked, it’s hard to change it. There will always be conflicts that you’ll accomplish, but also fail at. But don’t worry because they’ll pass and sooner or later everything will get better.

You want to be with someone because somehow you started liking them, you can’t help your feelings. When others get mad at you for starting those feelings, it makes you feel like crap as if you’re the bad person. When really, no one in the situation is the bad person and you didn’t really do anything wrong.

You just want to be with that person, but others just wont allow you, even though they didn’t exactly say it, they make you feel guilty making you not know what to do next in the life path you chose. Hopefully your path gets better and soon you’ll be able to be with them with no worries. Things just take time.

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