There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. There’s always going to be those little problems creeping up from the depths. When you start liking someone a lot, you start to feel so defenseless around them, you just want to make them extremely happy. Then something happens like a monthly trip to another state and then you get scared you might not make it through.

You like the person so much, but they don’t want to get involved when they know whats coming and it hurts. It hurts because both of you like each other and want to try out the relationship, but your both scared something wrong will happen. Though isn’t it worth being strong for. To be strong for the person you like and hold dearly to your heart that even though it hurts to be apart, you’ll be strong for them because you know they can’t change what happens.

Then you get scared yourself because you feel as if they’re feelings might change for you while your gone and you’ll end up heartbroken and wanting never to see another light of day. As if its the end of the world, but at that time it is, because you’ve grown to actually love that person.

Relationships are all about worrying, being happy, and yet again you can be sad. Nothing can ever change what a relationship is suppose to do to you and you’ll never be able to stop yourself from wanting to be in one. The power to love people is a very strong thing, and only a cold hearted person can resist it.

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