Have you ever heard of wishing on 11:11? Well you can make a wish at 11:11 and it’ll come true. But when will it come true? I always try my best to wish at 11:11. Many people don’t believe in this, but I believe in it, even though my wishes might not come through soon enough. I have made a wish before and it came true in, but it took quite a while.

I guess you can never trust that wishes will come true, but yet you always end up wishing for something anyway.  You’ll always have a wish that you want to be granted. I have so many wishes that I want to be granted. Most of them being process wishes, which take a long time to come true. You may wish for something in the future, but it probably wont come true until the further future.

I’ll always continue wishing no matter what, in hope that one day all my wishes will come true. Wishes are magical, and I believe they really do come true, some wishes might not, but thats because maybe its not a good thing for you. Even though you want it to come true, maybe it wont be healthy for you or it’ll make you feel pain.

Well thats all for now 🙂 Hope you enjoyed! Keep on Wishing!!! 😀

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