What exactly are dreams besides images? Why do we dream these certain images? Nobody knows for certain why we dream. Some current theories propose that dreams are the body’s way of “rebooting” the brain. Did you know that when you’re sleeping and dreaming, your eyes move under your closed eyelids? These are called REM periods. REM sleep takes over 20% of an average night’s sleep and alternates with orthedox sleep about every 90 minutes.

It has been found out that during REM sleep the flow of blood and the temperature both increases. A person that wakes up during REM sleep usually remembers their dreams very well. Most people dream every 90 minutes. Usually the longest dreams are in the morning and they last about 30-45 minutes.

Some people claim they never dream, but that’s not true, every0ne dreams. People that don’t wake up during REM sleep usually don’t remember their dreams clearly or at all. Most people forget what they dream and therefore think that they don’t dream.

Usually my dreams are always in the mornings helping me remember them. When this happens I write them down so that I can translate them later. I believe that dreams have meanings to them, very important meanings that can help me sometime in the future. I have a feeling I remember these dreams because I always wake up early for school, therefore I wake up during REM sleep.

You’re probably wondering where I got all that information. It says all that information in my book of dream translations known as “The Hidden Meanings of Dreams” There is a certain way to remember your dreams, by waking up during REM sleep. A technique is to set your alarm clock earlier then usually. That might work or you could drink a large glass of water before going to bed. You are likely to wake up during the night, which might occur during your REM sleep.

When you remember a dream you always wonder why a certain person was in it, or why a certain event happened. If you remember all the important things you’ll be able to translate them. There are simple dream dictionaries on-line that are for free and if you write down  your dreams you’ll be able to check on it later.

Dreams could tell you many things about you, your life, or something that might come into your life; but you can’t tell what happens in the future, no matter what your dreams say. Something that might come into your life is a mere feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, pain, etc. It doesn’t tell you an exact event that will cause how you feel.

I translated the last dream I had and it ended out not good. The translations talked about how I feel like a certain person is trying to control my life, and how I have secrets that I’m keeping from others, it also says how I have a feeling of insecurity. Other translations claimed that I’m going to experience a great period of worry, which I think is true because lately I have been worried about family problems 😦 It says I feel emotionally drained and exhausted. It also states how I have a disappointment in love, that there’s going to be a beginning of an adventure, how I have a feeling like I need to preserve a relationship and that I have an emotional life and how I deal with my feelings.

Sounds like a good dream? Right….

Well that’s all I have to say about dreams for now. Stay tune for my other post 🙂 I always love reading comments, but not the spam ones; -.- those ones actually kind of annoy me lol.

Hope you enjoyed, Please Come Back Soon 🙂

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