Addictions can be a bad thing to have, sometimes I guess they’re not that bad though. To me there are two kinds of addictions. Those of which are bad for you, like cracking your knuckles, or smoking, and other stuff like that. Then there’s the simple kinds of addictions like being addicted to a video game for a while, or listening to a song a million times in one day.

I’m sure everyone has some kind of addiction, I know I do. Anything could be an addiction, and some people, without knowing it, could be addicted to something. I guess you could say that no matter what, you’re always going to have some addiction. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your like.

Hm, some addictions of mine I guess would have to be this blog, catchy music, games, stuff that can get me amused easily i can get addicted to fast. Bad addictions I have would be cracking my knuckles, my ankles, and my neck. Others would be drinking soda, being boy crazy, and the computer. Starring at the computer all the time I guess isn’t the healthiest thing ever huh? Lol

The reason I brought up addictions is because I’m addicted to something right now. At this moment I’m addicted to, playing Garden Defense for some coins to get more accessories and clothes for my avatar. Then there’s these really cool songs that have a dancing beat to them. The main one I’m addicted to is this one song:

The song is Rhythm of the Night by Loona

The song makes me want to dance a lot. lol. Hmm other addictions at this moment, I can’t really say lol. Don’t really know how to end this addiction post. 😦 So just know that you’ll always have an addiction. You might get rid or one but you’ll start another one fer sure. 😛

I hope you enjoyed my Post 🙂 Come Again!

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