Who Would of Guessed?

Probably no one could of guessed that I like to listen to Swedish music. 😛 I may not listen to a whole lot of it, but I do have a favorite Swedish Singer-Songwriter. She is Nanne Grönvall. Her music has such a cool beat to it and all her songs are quite addicting to listen to. I started listening to her when I watched this well put together music video of Princess Tutu. I literally think it’s one of the best AMVs that I’ve ever seen.

The song is Hall Om Mig (Hold me Now) it was the first song I’ve ever listened to by her and it’s my favorite. My second favorite song by Nanne is Om Du Var Min (If You Were Mine). It has a very catchy beat to it. Even though I don’t know what she’s saying, I still like it. If I wanted to see what the lyrics were in English I can just look them up online. It would be neat if they came out in English and still had the same cool beat though.

Yes, they’re both videos about Princess Tutu. I did like the anime, but it’s not my favorite. I already said that my favorite anime is Bokura Ga Ita, don’t get the wrong idea. lol. Now some other songs by Nanne are included:


…oh yeah there were way too many to write all down. lol. I haven’t even listened to all of her songs yet >.< Well I hope you guys like her. She has good music.

I hope You Enjoyed my Post 🙂 Come Again! Bye!!

(Sorry it’s the best picture I could find ^_^’)

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