Rubik’s Cube

On my birthday this year my friend Lexii got me a Rubki’s Cube, which i was addicted to for a long time. My friend Rachel tried making it impossible for me to solve, but since my birthday (January 7th) I’ve solved it about 3 times already >.< No, not because I’m that smart, simply because I cheated… 😛

You guys are probably like “How can you cheat on a Rubik’s Cube?” Well I can answer that easily. One way could be asking someone to do it for you, but that’s not the way I cheated. I did the first time, but my studyhall teacher only knew how to get the orange side >.< lol. The other way you could cheat on it is to find a Rubik’s Cube Solver online!

Oh yeah. I’m a cheater, but c’mon guys, I’m not smart enough to figure it out myself. If I didn’t cheat it’d probably take me till I turned 18 (I’m 16 years old). I’m not so addicted to it now, it’s been laying in dust for a while, so then I played with it today, which brought me to make this post lol.

Just remember Rubik’s Cube’s are addiciting and they could take over your life. Beware, don’t let this happen to you. And don’t use cheating as a way to solve everything lol.

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