April Fools Day

I knew this day was going to piss me off. >=[ I went to school and everything was fine. 4th hour I was zoned out and got hit in the face with a bouncy ball, but I’m alright my glasses saved me…then in 5th hour since 2 girls cheated we had to write the cheating policy in the handbook three times. It was big, my hand was cramped once I finished, plus my middle finger hurt because I had a fresh cut from my cat the other night.

Then I went to lunch and I hate how we’re stuck around 3 tables that like to throw food at each other. I got hit in the head while writing the policies which I got mad at that and I ended up yelling at my friend before that. Spanish came and these 9th graders decided not to sit in their assign seats, meaning I was pushed to the back of the row, which means I can’t see the front of the board and can’t pay attention. Today we had our Spanish test which I don’t know how I did. It was alright that I was pushed back today because it helped me finish my policies, thank gawd. But tomorrow I might get mad if they decide to switch seats again, otherwise I’ll tell the teacher. I don’t care if they call me a “Tattle Tell” It’s fricken annoying. People need to grow up, they’re in high school for crying out loud.

Finally school was over after a boring 8th hour. I got my report card. Honor roll 🙂 As and Bs! Rode the bus home and I started feeling sick. Nauseous sick. I had to lay against the wall of the bus. I walked home and started on my homework. Around 5 we left to Michigan City to eat at Hacienda. My step dad claims I’ve ate there before, but I don’t remember. I was getting a little annoyed because it was way too busy, too noisy, and I wanted to get home to finish my homework. The food was alright, had really good chips. I swear there was this family that went there only to eat the chips lol.

We got home around 7:30 which got me a little mad. I took a shower and got out around 8:20, yeah I take long showers. 😛 Well after that I finished my homework which I got done with around 9:15. fun…Then I decided to turn on my computer and finally get on. Sad enough I still have to study for my chemistry test tomorrow and I have to study my capitals, even more fun. Tomorrow I have to do my Vocab. Cards for English; which I wanted to do today but I guess I wont get to it.

I really just want this day to be over with. I’m tired of this. I knew I was going to get into a bad mood. I hate April Fools. It’s so pointless.

Well I’ll try to write another short story soon. I’ve been quite busy, so I haven’t been in the mood. I’m sorry I complained a lot in this post.

I hope you enjoyed my ranting. Please come back again 🙂

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2 Comments on “April Fools Day”

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