First Day Back At School

It was blah. No One new at our school. Though so. It went by really slow too. I got compliments on my shirt =] Yay!

1st Hour: World Geography, took some notes and got homework. Draw a flag of one of the countries in East Asia. I picked North Korea =] Finished it in second hour which was the one that took forever. Stupid studyhall. It’s so boring when you have nothing to do. After studyhall I found my jacket in the cafeteria! I was like wtf! >.< I thought I put that in my locker!

3rd Hour: Geometry, SUCKED. I didn’t have my calculator cuz I let my friend Sam borrown mine the Friday before break. So she has to find it, but in the mean time I’ll be using my brother which I have no idea how to use! Of course we get back from break and my teacher gives us this big assignment…but it’s alright I finished it 😀

4th Hour: Integrated Chemistry, funny. Before going on break we made these bridges made out of toothpicks and marshmallow and on the first day back we were going to see how many textbooks we can hold on them. Vicki and I almost tied with Scott, Zac, and Justin; but nooo. They’re just had to keep making me laugh while putting on the textbook. Which would of been 5 O.O Wow!

5th Hour: Computer Apps. I helped Sam catch up a little. While helping her, I ended out exiting out of my assignment without saving, making me have to start over!

6th hour: Lunch. Ewwie lunch today. Biscuits and Gravy Bleh. XP While in the lunch room I stepped on food 😦 ew…

7th Hour: Spanish, thank gawd school is almost over. We made word searches the whole hour and got new seating charts. Oh well.

8th Hour: English, boring as well. We just read…well I wrote a note 😛 Luckily the bell rang and I was Safe. Went home, went to the gym, went to subway, did homework, played on the computer, fixed my bed to where I could sleep comfortably tonight, and I have to get ready for bed. I promised my mom I would go to bed at 11pm today 😛

So I’m sorry I didn’t write anything interesting today. I’ll write some more tomorrow. Keep in touch. Bye 😉

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