What is love anyway? A incredible force making you do and say stupid things. A thing that can make you feel happy or terrible at the same time. What does it mean when you think you have it but your not sure and you know the other person doesn’t have it? Rejection?

How do you react when you think you have it, but it hurts so much that you can’t help but do stupid things?

The feeling of love is sometimes only one way, and that hurts you deeply. That’s why you have friends right? If you get hurt by loves power you have them to go to…or so you think. Friends are only there for you sometimes, in the end you might be in a situation where you can’t go to your friends for help. Some situations your friend is the person you end up falling in love with. Other friends are there for you, yes, but some of there answers don’t help and you don’t want to always go back to them with multiple problems, so you lock yourself away from everyone and become distant.

I made this blog a while ago and saved it as a draft, but now I’m lost to how I was going to end it. Just remember that love will always end up being painful and sometimes all you can do is give up, which still hurts. Nothing will ever heal the pain you have, had, or gain from the feeling of love.

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