Life and Death

I don’t even know what the name has to do with this post. I’m just super bored.  😦 I think my dad has something against Uno. Basically because he’s not playing it with me. Later tonight we’re going to the movies to see Knowing. I hope it’s good.

Today was pretty basic. I listened to music while re-doing my nails. Then started reading some of the book Burned and not only that i watched the first episode of “You’re Under Arrest” Not that exciting I’m afraid. I was kind of bored.

Made some ravioli. Over cooked it lol. Then watched Igor. I told my dad “I guess I’m growing up cuz that movie didn’t really entertain me” and he’s like “Yeah you are growing up….*cough* stuffed animals*cough*” >=[ I’ll never get too old for stuffed animals! NEVER!

I would like my other 4 DVDs to be in the library already. I hate when they’re in Transit for one day. lol. Wow I have long fingers >.< lmao! Oh yeah did I mention I’m bored? At least I feel more relaxed here.

Now just so the title makes sense, I will tell you a life or death matter.

Me and my brother. Fighting for the front seat in my dad’s piece of krap car. 😛 He tells me Front! and I scream it so my dad could hear because he’s upstairs. He called my dad’s cell phone, which is downstairs and then when my dad comes looking for it he yells Front! My dad asks who called him and my brother was like “Me!” and I try hitting his cheek, like a playful hit, while calling him a cheater 🙂

Who will get the front!? It’s a mystery! Not really… 🙂

Upcoming: Remember I mentioned the Friday quotes. From now on I’m going to put in a daily quote. It’s much easier. Lol. Also coming soon. I’m going to start making short stories based off of my thoughts, dreams, or just when I get bored and think of something. I already have one that i wrote on my laptop but thanx to not being able to get online I have to wait to publish it.

Please Stay Tune for my next Entry! 🙂

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