Where are my Pants!!

So right now I’m walking around the house in my pj bottoms and the shirt I’m going to wear today. Well my pants that go with this shirt are no where to be found. My dad washed them the other day and gave them to me and I placed them on the table with one of my library books. Well I came back and noticed the pants were gone. I thought, well he probably moved them cuz we were going to play Skip-bo and didn’t want them to get in the way.

Well today, I decided to wear this outfit. My pink vest shirt with a tie on it. Well I can’t find my star pants!!! I thought my dad put them on this one rack but when I looked over at it, there were no pants whatsoever. So I went upstairs and called my dad’s cell phone. He told me that he probably got them mixed up with his clothes and to look in his closet.

I double checked both his side of pants and my step-mom’s side of pants like 5 times each and I didn’t find my pants! I called him back up and told him this and he simply answered that we’ll look for them when he and my brother get back. So I’m patiently waiting here on the computer in my pj bottoms typing away.

I hope that when they get home and we look in his closet again that we don’t find them in there….in the same spots I looked over and over again….because I’d look like a complete idiot…

I’ll keep you posted if we find them! 🙂

^ Not really my pants 😛

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