Found My Pants!

Yeah they weren’t in my dad’s closet like he thought, but in the end I still felt like an idiot. I probably should of looked more in my room for them.

I found them under another pair of my jeans that were dirty. They were both in my suitcase. >.< Yeah I’m a dolt. The ones my dad tried handing me the other day weren’t actually my jeans. Don’t I feel smart. I should have looked closer.

Well other news of the night, We went bowling. I haven’t been bowling in so long so I was a little rusty ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s alright. I also wasn’t really in the mood, I was sort of out of it during the game. I got like 2 strikes which I usually get more than that and I got like one spare. Yeah there was something defiantly wrong here.

Of course my brother and Dad both beat me >.< But it’s alright, I’ll get them next time. I know I can’t beat my dad but I’m going to try hard to beat my brother.

Funny part of the night were these skater kids at burger king. We walked out like right after them and they got to their car, but waited for a friend in the bathroom. Well there friend came out right after we got in our car and the guy’s friends started driving away! The guy held onto the car handle and ran with the car while it was moving. Like about halfway towards the far off gas station did they stop to let him in. A security driver watching this whole time ๐Ÿ˜› LMAO!

P.S. Vault is my sugar drug. Drink that and I become so fricken hyper it’s not even funny. lol

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