Viva Las Vegas

So guess what peeps! I’m in Las Vegas. πŸ˜› Again lol. Visiting my dad and step-mom and everyone else. I didn’t sleep one wink on the plane, probably because I slept on the car ride there. πŸ™‚ We sat next to this really nice girl. She actually talked to us and we didn’t bother her. My brother was getting on my nerves until he fell asleep.

I listened to music for a while till my mp3 player basically died. Then I turned on my computer and listened to music while playing the computer games on my computer and once i got bored of play solitaire and minesweeper, I messed around with Paint πŸ™‚

Made two pretty pictures πŸ˜› lol can’t put them on the blog right now since I’m on my dad’s computer. So I’m at the house and my tummy hurts and I have been feeling nauseous again 😦 Blah. I’ll try to get on and write a lot when I’m bored. When my brother isn’t hogging the computer. Thanks dad for not having wireless πŸ˜›

Quote of the Day: “I don’t care about the past. What matters is what’s happening in the present and moving towards the future.”

Yeah thought of something close to that on the drive to my dad’s house but totally forgot exactly what I said in my mind πŸ˜›

So ttyl!

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