My Pets!

I own 4 cats, yes 4. No I’m not going to be a cat lady. Sure my room is full of cats, but I don’t really have a favorite animal 😛 So please don’t think that my favorite animals are cats, just because I have a lot of cat things.

My 4 cats are all girls. Here’s their names in order from oldest to youngest:


Lovely names, I know 😛 Now it’s time to talk about each of them.


Oh look at that, she’s ignoring the camera. 😛 But it’s alright, in all her face pictures she looks grouchy and mad. >:[ So, Tickles is my brother’s cat. We’ve had her since I was three. Yeah she’s been alive for a long time. She’s the cat that has the softest fur and she’s also the fattest of all of them. But yet Velvet and Abigail are catching up to her. lol. Lately I think my brother has been neglecting her, because she’s always wanting into my room and she’s always spending time with me now. Though she only does that when he’s out with his friends 😛 On to the next cat!


This is Tabby. She’s the skinniest of the bunch, but also the second oldest. We got her at the same time we got Tickles. She’s a scaredy cat and is shy around everyone she meets for the first time.  Tabby is basically my mom’s cat, but spends most of her time in my room during the day; so she’s also sort of my cat as well. She hates Abigail and Velvet, because they always chase her. 😦  She stays in my room whenever my mom’s out of the house and thank gawd she sleeps in my moms room during night, because Velvet sleeps in my room. lol Next!


We got Abigail about a year ago. We found her outside during winter, freezing her little butt off. Something happened to her when she was little that made her have a trust issue with people. When we got her, she was suppose to be my cat, but turned out to be the family cat instead. What a nice family cat, huh? She doesn’t like to be petted for long period of time and she HATES being picked up. Her meow is adorable. At first I thought she was going to be a gentle loving cat, so I gave her the name Abigail, Abby for short. Lately though, she’s starting to be more friendly between my family. She’s starting to let us pet her more, she wants to be around us more, and she actually sleeps with us during night. Last night, she slept with me 🙂 I think I was the first one she showed kindness to. As you can tell in the picture, she’s an outside cat, but she always comes back to where she’ll be given food…what a piggy 😛 And Finally!


Here she is! My beautiful black cat Velvet. We got her around last March in the cold outside of our house, just like we found Abigail. She’s my cat basically. My brother’s the one that wanted her, but yet somehow she became mine. I also gave her name to her, standing for Black Velvet 😛 She’s a very energetic cat and she loves the outdoors. She basically gets along mostly with Abigail. During the day when she rests, she’s found in my brothers room…traitor…and then when my brother lets her out before he goes to bed, she comes into my room and lays there and sleeps with me most of the time. Sometimes, like last night, my brother wont let her out of his room so she sleeps in there. Leaving Abigail to sleep with me only 😛 Velvet has become quite a big kitty, hard to believe she’s the youngest, huh?

Well there you have it, My kitties 🙂 I hope I have everything. lol Hope you enjoyed my lovely long blog 😛 PEACE OUT!

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