Hate is a powerful word. You can use it and your whole relationship with someone can change or just your life in general.

Have you ever met someone and right away hated them and you couldn’t explain why, you just did. Well I have that. I hate this person and I’ve only talked to them like about once or twice. I hate them so much and I can’t even explain why. They just annoy me even when I’m not the one they’re talking to.

So, to resolve this problem is to ignore them right? Well what it that doesn’t work? What if they always come back and give you another reason to be annoyed at them.

The thing is you don’t even try to get to know the person, without knowing if you guys have anything in common you judge and hate them. Well I don’t judge people, I just turn out mad at them and a rage of hate builds up inside of me. This person makes me want to break something, I swear.

So what I’m getting at is that everyone is always going to have hate inside of them. People are always going to be hated and you’ll be hated too some point of your life. I bet people hate me without even getting to know me. You can’t really say “why do you hate them, you don’t even know them” you don’t have to know someone to hate them. Like I said hate is a natural thing, it doesn’t need an explanation.

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