Well guess what everyone, I finally broke down >.< I can’t stand this anymore….

This is so stupid of me putting this stuff on my blog. I dont even know what I should put on blogs. To me they’re always a way to get things out and it doesn’t really matter who sees it.

I hate people, but who else doesn’t? There will always be hate in the world. No one can stop it. I can’t be friends with everyone, and most likely, asking me to won’t work. I know they probably try, but I can stand them sometimes. Other times I just wish I never met them.

Some friendships change for the better or worse. Others change, but sooner or later return the same. I wonder if there is such a thing as “friends forever” or “true love” But if there is, I wonder if it’s for everyone.

That’s all I’m going to write. I have no idea what else to write. I just hate this right now…I hate when my life changes and I hate when I have emotions that I have no clue how to react to or exactly what kind of feelings they are.

Damn I have no idea what to name this post. >.< They’re just all thoughts, more like rambles.

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One Comment on “Thoughts”

  1. very nice blog… ill be checking up on it from time to time!

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