This morning I had a moment, with my brother. Well that sounds a little wrong >.< but let me explain first. lol

So this morning it was cold and very windy. My brother loves his car right? As do basically all other guys. Well I was going to his car and the wind was blowing my hair everywhere! I put my book-bag in the trunk  as usual and I walked to the passenger side of the car. I opened the car door and the wind blew hard and my hair went over my eyes and just all over and so i sat down quickly but the car door hit the car next to my brothers car. O.O Gulp!

Well my brother was pissed, as most guys would be if they’re car hit something or got disfuntioned in anyway. He was mad and I could tell in his voice and he was yelling and I started yelling and cussing, which got him even more mad and he started yelling even louder and cussing. Water was starting to form in my eyes. I mean I’m an emotional person and when people yell at me like that, it’s scary and stuff, making me cry. So i yell back at him that it wasn’t my fault. The wind was blowing my hair and I couldn’t see and after i said that I started crying and he calmed down.

He stopped the car to the side and told me it wasn’t my fault and I was just sitting there crying and he kept repeating it wasn’t my fault and we hugged and stuff. After a minute or so we started driving and He explained that it was the guys fault not mine, cuz the guy always parks too close to his car. I’m just sitting there wiping the tears from my eyes and it ruined my makeup too I think >.< but it wasn’t that bad, it still looked good 😉

So after a while we started laughing about stuff and sure it felt a little weird, but it was still good >.< I guess….

That was my morning 😛 Very exciting we made it to school like right as the bell rang! 😀

Tonight, I’m sleeping over at my friends house and wont be getting on for the rest of the night. So i wont be writing all night sadly 😛 But I will write a ton tomorrow. Wish me luck on the following test:

World Geography

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