Damn Catchy Songs >.<

There will always be those catchy songs that just make you listen to them over and over again. Then sooner or later they get completely stuck in your head and throughout the day the tune randomly comes into your mind. It distracts you from something your suppose to be doing, like homework!

lol I’m just yelling at myself and my computer for being so damn slow cuz of the weather outside. It’s raining once again. I mean I like the rain, but it’s so depressing right now šŸ˜›

Well back to the catchy songs. My friend Jin who got me into blogging, now got me into this really catchy song…it’s like my 6th time listening to it and gawd do I need to finish my homework >.<

So I curse songs that are catchy. Yet at the same time I’m thankful for them, cuz they give you something to do now and then. So here’s the song šŸ˜€

Enjoy šŸ˜€

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One Comment on “Damn Catchy Songs >.<”

  1. Jin Says:

    Glad you liked it. šŸ˜€ See, my music is also very epic. xD

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