This morning i woke up and started translating my very weird dream that i had last night. It’s way too complicated to explain. Something about me and some guys on this island with weird monsters and we were trying to escape. Yeah I have weird dreams.

Well after I did that i decided to get in the shower! =O Since I was home all alone I decided to bring my phone into the bathroom with me in case someone called. Well during my shampooing of the hair, my step dad calls to tell me he got me some subway; Yum 🙂

Well I hung up and went back to shampooing and after a while i started crying! O.o You probably all know by now, I do a lot of crying. >.< But this crying had reason, that I shale not release because… it will get a very special person to me, mad at me 😛

I was crying a lot on and off. That while i was rinsing out my hair I got soap in my eye! Burn!!!! But once i got out of my shower, everything got better. Basically because there was a foot long subway with my name on it waiting on the table for me. 🙂 Oh yeah, Subway makes everything better.

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One Comment on “Yummy!”

  1. sandrine Says:

    I like your analysis and mannner of speaking, thank you for this interesting ticcket, it s always nice to visit this beautiful blog 🙂

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