Mornings suck!

You get out of bed, wanting to go back to sleep, but you can’t. You wake up with a huge headache, take an Excedrin, eat something, etc.

This morning especially have not been a good one.

I woke up with my head banging, oh gawd was that a lot of pain. I took some meds, ate some chips, then my mom left to the store, my brother also leaving to go to a friends house. It must be really nice to stay home alone, most people would think.

Yeah, right… When i’m home alone bad stuff always happens. Like finding out something you never wanted to find out. This is why computers are bad when you’re home alone. You find out things and just want to sit there crying, when no one replies to your question and your friends are trying to make you feel better.

But then, mom comes and I don’t want her seeing me crying. I really don’t feel like explaining it all over again. She’d only tell me the obvious things like some other people. No one really knows how I feel and they most likely never will.

I have no idea what to do now. I just want some answers. I just want the truth…


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